Friday, October 26, 2012

The City, and Parks I Love Too Much

Happy Weekend to ALL of you!  And a big hello to my new readers in Sweden, Taiwan, and South Africa. :-) So happy to have a bigger audience than I ever imagined I would have.  Today I have got waaay too many photos to share with you.  Are you ready?  Hopefully you will make it to the end of this post.

Category #1:  In Washington, there is a LOT of artwork on the streets.  It is like an outdoor art gallery, but much more awesome.

I walked past this statue a hundred times before noticing it was a giant face!

This statue is sooo pretty in my opinion.  Even better that it's surrounded by tons of trees.

I meant to upload forever ago, but this is me next to a giant duck just outside Seattle.

This mosaic polar bear is REALLY cool.  It kept reflecting back at my camera though :-(

Found this awesome cowboy brick artwork in my favorite park's garden.

Category #2: Since I take advantage of getting away from the office almost every lunch break at work, I tend to find myself wandering to Pioneer Park (my favorite walking place).  Brandon and I also live next to Sunset Park, which is really beautiful as well.

This is a view of just the PARKING LOT of Sunset Park.  How gorgeous!

I enjoy fresh air and lots of green here in Pioneer Park.

I get to see this on the drive back to work EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It's unreal.

I have a theory that pixies and fairies live here...

Yellow trees on one side, Red on the other.  It is truly breathtaking in real life.

Did I mention the library is in the middle of the park?  Well, it is, and it's surrounded by trees.

I know, this park is starting to get redundant, but I just love it too much.  It is one of my happy places.

Category #3: I have taken a bunch of other city scenery photos, just to show all of you an example of what I get to enjoy every day.  All I need to do is look around me and I will find something stunning in any given direction.

This is some scenery I drive by every day on my way to work.  Gorgeous with the sunrise!

Whenever I walk to the bank to run work errands, I see scenery like this. I <3 Washington!

This is a view of the city buildings across the street from the park.  Lots of lunch restaurants around.

This spot is pretty close to my "Secret Garden" and a pretty nice place to sit down and relax.
I find these triangular trees to be very cute.  I drive past them all the time.
Category #4:  Don't judge that there is only one photo in this category... but it is very important and awesome.  Brandon made me some ULTIMATE NACHOS when I got home from work.  Oh man, they were PERFECT!  

Homemade tortilla chips, ground meat and onions, sour cream, sprinkled cheese and hot sauce. :D

Ok everyone.... whew! Congrats if you made it to the end of this post.  I just had so much I wanted to share.  Hope you all have a great weekend.  I am going to plop myself down on my bed and have a nap.  My eyes seriously feel like I have 6 bags under each eye! So it is time to settle down. xoxoxox
~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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