Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Relationships, and Other Stuff

I had a pretty good day today.  I went to work and was not bothered at all (really, I think that was the first time in a VERY LONG TIME), got a sweet and romantic text from Brandon (we are trying to remember to do little things to show how much we care about each other), completed two Korean lessons (how productive!), went visiting teaching (had a very short and sweet visit with a sister at church), watched television (much-needed relaxation....King of Queens re-runs are awesome!), and ate LOTS of chocolate (part of a complete Ashleigh Diet).  Poor Brandon got sick from eating too much sugar.  I felt bad.  :-( But he feels a bit better now.

I am in LOVE with Brandon J.Y.P. Son! I kind of hate how he is more photogenic than me in many instances... hehe.  I like this picture though, since it is a true depiction of how we often are together, laughing at our ridiculous inside jokes.

Out of the blue, I have to say how it has been a privilege to grow together with Brandon, even if it means going through some ups and downs.  I never could imagine even 8 months ago that we would have any real challenges.  But LIFE itself can become a challenge.  No matter how in love you are with someone, you will still have hard times in life, and that will change the dynamics of your relationship if you are not careful.  Brandon and I try to stay close in our communication with one another.  If we feel we are taking each other for granted in any way, we bring it up right away and address the issue.  I feel like if only couples could have this kind of communication, it would help solve a lot of problems down the road.  I have learned so much being married to Brandon.  I am still learning a lot.  I still have yet to master a lot of pretty important stuff.  He has been a very wonderful husband, being patient with me during mistakes, and I have tried to be this way as well toward him in return.  Our love is growing and growing.  <3

One last RANDOM non-correlated thing I wanted to talk about is one of my favorite drinks.  Has anyone had Rooibos tea (aka Red Tea)?  It is a tea imported from South Africa (my home country) I have grown up drinking that stuff.  Brandon and I have been buying flavored Rooibos.  This includes Lavendar, Blueberry, Vanilla, YOU NAME IT!  And it turns out red tea mixes well with just about any flavor.  We like to drink it cold in the summer and hot in the colder seasons.  I have a small coffee pot in my office to boil water and I make tea on a daily basis now.  It hardly takes up any room, and it is just so fast and easy!  I like to buy the round canisters of tea (Republic of Tea brand is a favorite of mine).

Here is the classic flavor, and actually, the best one in my opinion.
I feel like this was my most random post yet, but hey.... whatever.  Hope everyone is having a great week so far.  Well.... talk to you later! xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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