Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jealousy...Good or Bad?

Hi to all my friends and friends-to-be.  I just thought I would talk about something interesting today.  A lot of us struggle with being jealous of someone, even though we KNOW!!! KNOW in our hearts it isn't right to compare ourselves to others.  For instance, I think I have been jealous of every one of my friends at some point in my life (high school).  AND! I might add, it was over silly and stupid things that really should not matter.  I was jealous of my friend DeeDee because of how outgoing she is, and I happened to be a little bit more introverted.  I was jealous of my friend Hailey because everyone likes her no matter who it is, and I didn't realize what it took to be well-liked.  I was jealous of Mary since she is so smart and gorgeous, and even crazy wavy hair and no makeup looked cute on her, and I was not confident enough to step out of the house without makeup.  I was jealous of Erin and how funny, talented, and witty she is.  I, on the other hand, thought I was trying too hard all the time.  I was jealous of my friend Lara and her gorgeous olive complexion, how fun she is, and her creativity that made me wish I could have such an imagination.  All of this was a really big deal to me in my head during those times.  I feel like sometimes I might have tried to blow it off and act like I was really happy, but really I wished I could be someone else with all of these perfect traits.  I often felt depressed if I thought I was not adding up enough in some aspects of my life.  Then reality hit me one day and everything clicked.  There was no way I could be someone else.  I had been given a set of gifts and talents that were mine and only mine.  I could either choose to love myself and cultivate my own talents, or I could sit in my room and fume about it.  After many years, I have come to know myself better, and not let that little jealous voice in my head bother me as much.  I have prayed a lot to find out what I am supposed to do with my life and received many answers.  And for goodness sake, if I want to work on a trait I do not have yet (that can be developed, such as being outgoing), then by all means, I feel free to try to develop these sides of my personality.  If it is something that can't be controlled (Lara's gorgeous skin, DANG YOU LARA!) then I just forget about it and learn to love what I have.  Right now, honestly I don't care if my skin is more pale, or anything else like that.  I am way past that phase in my life.  But I just wanted to make a point that jealousy is....POINTLESS.  Except if it gives you motivation to improve what you can improve.  Quick example... there is this girl at the gym.  And I am GREEN with envy at how fit she looks.  And you know what?  After seeing her a few times, I immediately started picking up my own pace and was able to improve myself and push myself to my own athletic abilities.  That was the good kind of jealousy.  I also have a good kind of jealousy with this picture:

THIS IS MY EXERCISE MOTIVATION! (I did not take this picture, unknown source)

ALSO GUYS!!! Different subject, but.... my husband made the best crock pot meal tonight I think he has EVER made.  He even posted the recipe for you on his recipe blog.  Make sure to check it out here! xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son


  1. Kinda find it hard to know that you can get jealous. You look so perfect and pretty.