Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's Friday's Eve!! YAY!

:-) Not much has been going on today.  I hardly have much to talk about, but that is ok.  Usually by Thursday I am a bit burned out from almost a week of hard work.  Today I had a dentist appointment.  It went well.  I don't have any cavities, and only had to get my teeth cleaned.  I had some glue from my (already removed) bottom permanent retainer stuck to my teeth still, so I asked the nice hygienist girl if she could please remove the rest of the glue.  Unfortunately, she forgot to wear her goggles, and as she scraped the glue off of my tooth, it popped right up and a sharp piece of dried dental glue landed in her eye.  I felt so bad! But she was okay and laughed about it.  Sadly, the appointment took 1.5 hours longer than I expected, so I drove home in horrific traffic, which contributed to me going home even LATER.  I got home absolutely ravenous.  I only ate some fruit and vegetables all day.  It was very healthy, but I was starving after my appointment.  Thankfully, Brandon's mom surprised us and cooked us a lovely Korean meal.  Oh man, she is such a good cook.  We had lots of seafood tonight.  KOREAN STYLE! Ahhhh I wish I took a picture.  Afterwards, Brandon and I were able to just hang out and chat and catch up, since it seems like we don't get to do that too often these days.  I feel like it is so easy to get caught up in life, to the point where you forget to spend time with those you love.  Not a good thing!  THIS girl is going to try hard not to let that happen too often.
Changing the subject, randomly, I was reading some fitness blogs, and it really motivated me to be more aware of my health.  I am not fat, but definitely not fit.  At least lately I have started to do lower body exercises, such as lunge jumps and squat jumps, and those have toned me up a *little* bit.  I feel like if I keep it up I will get results.  So far it has been about twice a week aka PROBABLY NOT ENOUGH EFFORT.  But this can change, and it will.  Whew, now that I have said that to my blog readers, I need to stick to it.  Or else I will feel really bad for lying. *Guilty image of generous slice of chocolate cake I ate for dessert today pops into my head* Hehe..... Well I think that is enough Friday's Eve chat.  I actually want to go to bed early for once. 

This was just one of the many inspiring pics I saw while surfing fitness blogs.  What a GREAT idea!

Goodnight everyone! xoxox
~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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