Saturday, October 13, 2012

Introduction and Favorite Blogs

Welcome to my new blog!  I am Ashleigh, and the handsome guy carrying me is my husband Brandon.  I will be posting a whole bunch of random posts about our family life and anything else that strikes my fancy.  My blog is called "Panda and Lion" because Brandon and I discussed that if I were an animal I would be a lion (since my hair is so puffy in the morning and I am from South Africa) and he would be a panda (since he is Asian and .... just.... trust me he looks like a panda in human form) In the meantime, since there is not much here to read about just yet, I would just like to write out a list of blogs that I cannot live a day without reading.  Ahem....


1) - This is one of the best blogs that I have had the honor of stumbling upon.  It is packed with great life and marriage advice, a love story that will make your heart melt, and uplifting thoughts that will brighten your day.

2) - The first blog I ever started reading!  I am just addicted to this girl's style of writing.  She cracks me up and is drop dead gorgeous.  Also her family is adorable.

3) - Anyone in the blogging world probably knows about this blog.  Be warned that if you start reading this you will be jealous that you do not have her life.  Just saying.  (But that's totally a good thing!)

4) - Soooo entertaining!  My sweet husband is Korean/American, and therefore I can relate to a lot of the cultural jokes that this white Australian girl says about her Korean husband.  Her comics are ridiculously funny.  AMWF relationships rule!

5) - Yet another blog where you may become envious of the girl's life.  She is super cute and bubbly in her writing style.  I was instantly hooked!

6) - Who doesn't love a blog about beauty?  I am completely in love with this girl's blog.  She does product reviews, tutorials, and actually is one of my favorite youtube gurus.  She is so pretty!  Also, her family is equally good-looking.

7) - I live for reading this blog!  It is like stepping into the world of a freakishly adorable family.  I actually ended up spending way too much time trying to read all her posts when I first discovered her website. 

8) - Be prepared to fall in love with this blog.  This cute family is from Utah, close to where I used to live.  Something about family and fashion blogs that I just LOVE!

9) - Yet another blog with an absolutely gorgeous author with a wonderfully cute family.  I can't stop reading it, and I can't get over how awesome she is!

10) - This blog is about a Western girl married to a Chinese man.  She writes thoughtful diary entries, experiences, love stories, and just about anything interesting.  This is a must-read for those wanting to hear about AMWF stuff.

11) - I love reading about food and travel.  I believe you will as well if only you will just step on over to this girl's blog.  Also, you will get a healthy dose of her hilarious dogs, if you are an animal lover (like me).

12) - Anyone in the youtube world knows about this girl.  She is awesome and pretty with a heart of gold.  I would recommend her blog to anyone who loves to feel more beautiful.

13) - I went to school with this girl and her husband although we did not really hang out together.  (Does that make me a stalker?) They are such a cute couple with a love story that will definitely blow you away.  I have admired her for a long time for her positive outlook on life and her beauty inside and out. 

Anyway.... knock yourself out.  You will have so much reading to do, I suggest you just go ahead and bookmark each of these blogs for your own entertainment.  I hope that someday my blog will be as interesting as these blogs that I have shared with you tonight.

Goodnight! xoxoxox

Oh.... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful dad.  I love him so much and am so grateful for everything he has done for me! I am so happy that he is such a good man and has been a loving husband to my mom and the best father any girl could ever wish for.

Here is a picture of my parents, looking fantastic. 

~ Sincerely Ashleigh Son


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    1. Oops, I deleted my comment. I'm so glad you started a blog! I am going to read it all the time now! I miss you, Ash <3 Kaelyn

    2. KK! I think you should start a blog too. After all, it would be such a good way of capturing pics of little Elsie and you and Ash. xoxox! MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU!

    3. The Three Bears!!! How cute! Post something soon ok? xoxox