Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall foliage, Books, and a Secret Garden

Oh my GOSH!  This week was so long.  I am glad it is over.  This weekend is going to be so nice.  I can't wait to relax.  Just to warn you ahead of time, get ready for a truckload of pictures.  I have been taking phone pictures like crazy this autumn, just DRINKING in the beauty of the colorful leaves and the lovely nature.  And I just can't resist sharing them with you. XD

 One of the last sunny days we get to see in Washington

A tree with leaves as red as the fire engine next to it

Pretty flower baskets hanging on posts around the city
A bush... shaped like a llama? AWESOME!
Flowers right outside my work building

 I try to take a walk in this park EVERY DAY, since it cheers me up so much.

 More red leaves! I am infatuated...

 The last of the summer roses

The entrance to a SECRET GARDEN I discovered, where I sometimes read

 The OTHER place I like to read...a TREE TUNNEL

 Fall foliage would not be the same without including a lovely bouquet of sunflowers from my handsome and oh-so wonderful husband.

 The library where I spend many of my lunch breaks

Random window box on some random office building.  How pretty!

Well, everyone... I hope these pictures brightened your day.  Let me tell you, they do not do justice to real life here in Washington.  I love living here.  Seems like some of the brightest parts of my day are just walking around the small city, getting some fresh air, picking up some good books at the library, and being a total bookworm!  And blogging/reading blogs of course.  ;-) Speaking of reading.  I finished "The Help."  No, I have not seen the movie, although many people have said I should.  But the book.... oh... my... gosh.  I couldn't put it down!  It was so GOOD!  I would give it a 10/10.  Or 5 stars out of 5.  However the rating system works.  I want to buy it for myself.  I probably will.  Right now I am reading "The Good Earth," by Pearl Buck.  Oh man.  It started out as an easy read, but I am now REALLY hating the main character.  He is such a jerk to his wife.  Makes me feel so grateful for my own husband, who would never dare to be so awful.  Well, I have to go... I have a gorgeous x1000 Korean guy I need to spend some quality time with.  xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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