Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Beautiful Skin...DIY face masks!

Well hello there!  Just thought I would try to scare you with a MASK, since Halloween is soon approaching.  Just kidding.  That was a pretty cheesy joke....Actually, if you must know, I was debating on whether or not I must put this picture up.  I mean, it is just so unflattering.  And my sisters will probably kill me for featuring them on my blog like this...But hey, sometimes it takes something icky to bring beauty.  :P

I used to have fairly bad acne when I was younger.  And I wish I had a cool older sister to tell me all the tricks about getting rid of it.  It all started with the 7th grade forehead pimples.  From then on, it just got worse.  On top of that I was clueless about skincare.  I used horrible soap on my face, and a very strong astringent as a toner.  And I thought I didn't need moisturizer!  Biggest mistake ever.  I think things were worse for me because my skin was so irritated.  Fast forward ten years... and I discovered that a more gentle approach on my skin was appropriate for me.  And boy, did my acne clear up fast.  I started out with just washing my face with plain-jane glycerine soap.  You can buy that at the health food store for about $2.  And this was so gentle!  I figured out that my skin was more of the sensitive type than the oily type, and all these years I had been stripping my skin of any and ALL oils, making its condition even worse.  I started skipping the toner for a while, and instead just used a really good moisturizer.  I discovered Aveeno face moisturizer with SPF.  It smelled lovely, like oatmeal or something similar.  There are many other changes I made for my skin, but I will not get into that today.  I will just stick with my skincare.  What I REALLY wanted to talk about was my DIY face masks I started using on my face on at least a weekly basis.  I will probably bring a few up all in good time and in different posts, but today.... I wanted to share....

My Basic Aspirin Mask:

1) In a tiny bowl, mix together:
- 1/4 tsp warm water
- 3 uncoated aspirin pills

2) Let the asprin sit for about 30 seconds, then it will fall apart into a grainy kind of paste.

3) Spread this paste onto your skin, leaving a thicker layer on your trouble (acne) spots.

4) Let sit for 10 minutes before rinsing with warm water.  This exfoliates the skin nicely.  And your skin will feel so fresh and new!  Give it a try!

My Green Tea and Aspirin Mask:

1) Follow directions of the Basic Aspirin Mask up to step 2.

2) Add into the tiny bowl of Aspirin paste and mix well:
-1 tsp honey
-The contents of 1 bag of Green Tea

3) Spread mask over skin and let it sit for about 15 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.  Your skin will be very soft afterwards.

Hope that you will give these face masks a chance.  They did WONDERS for my skin.  In fact, I am sitting with an Aspirin Mask on my face right now as I type.  :-) 

WARNING!!! Do not use an aspirin mask more than once a week or else your skin will grow immune to its benefits.  

Here is a pic of my much improved skin.  Makeup free and photoshop free.

Well, this was a fun one for me.  The truth is, I am in LOVE with face masks, and I use more than one kind of mask a week.  I would do one every day if I put my heart to it.  xoxoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son 

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