Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bad Mood, and a VERY Sweet Husband

 Why, hello.  How is everyone doing this fine Saturday?  I have to admit... today was just... one of those days.  For some reason I was in a horrid mood.  JUST BECAUSE.  No logical explanation for it.  Brandon and I were supposed to go to the gym together this afternoon, but I just could not bring myself to go.  I just felt like sitting in my room to calm down and be alone for a few hours.  Maybe I was overtired?  But anyway, all I knew was I was crying and I could not stop and I had no endorphins in my body to make me feel happier.  It was quite a pathetic sight.  Anyway, long story short, I just sat on my bed for half an hour straight staring at a blank wall, upset with a very stuffy nose, fluffy quilt wrapped around my trembling body.  Before I knew it, an hour had passed.  I had fallen asleep without even realizing it.  My hand was clinging tightly around a wad of teary tissues.  WOW.  For an hour straight I had those in my hand and did not even notice.  I woke up to Brandon coming into our room, back from the gym.  He told me to close my eyes and open my mouth.  So I did... And then Brandon stuffed a Ferrero Rocher chocolate in my mouth.  ONE OF MY FAVORITE CHOCOLATES!  It was so nice.  And therefore, I felt a lot happier for the rest of the day.  I realized (as I always do) how awesome and sweet Brandon is.  I mean, it was only a couple of days ago that there was a Ferrero Rocher commercial on TV and I mentioned casually that I liked them.  And he REMEMBERED.  He is just so wonderful.  I love him so much.
 My bedside table with a box of tissues AND some favorite chocolates...^___^

On top of everything, today he cooked his amazing Cookies and Cream Cookies.  He has written a blog post here with the recipe.  Be very very VERY excited.  Don't forget to bookmark his blog...And make sure you attempt to cook these DELIGHTFUL UNBELIEVABLE cookies. 

 Wow.  How handsome.  And BAKING COOKIES.  Can't get more perfect than that.
Just a small preview of Brandon's cookies.  No way am I going to put up the best picture of it hehe.

OHHH on another note, I would just like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my amazing mother-in-law, Seong Moon.  She is so great and wonderful.  She has treated me like her own daughter and I have come to love her so much!

 My cute and awesome Mother-In-Law


~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

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