Thursday, December 4, 2014

School School School

Just so you know, I am indeed alive.  Sorry for the three month hiatus.  It is going to continue a little bit longer on account of school. This means a lot to me so I have to put a lot of effort into it.  A little bit of an update, but.... I got accepted into the program I wanted at UW!!!! :-) Accounting.... for those of you that know me that may come as a bit of a shock that I would ever choose this path, but I am pretty happy about it. I will have to show you my Hello Kitty stuffed animal that is wearing a UW T-shirt! It looks like the one below (I am using an image from UW bookstore's website)

Brandon got it for me at the UW bookstore :-)  haha.  Well, if want to follow me and what I am up to (in some form) I am still updating my pretty Tumblr blog just about every day.

CLICK HERE to check it out.

Ashleigh Son

Friday, September 5, 2014

My Birthday and Detoxing

Hello everyone!  This past weekend was my 26th birthday.  Brandon made sure it was a very special occasion. :-)  I took the day off from work, since I haven't done that in about 3 years.  Brandon got me a salad spinner, which I have REALLY been wanting pretty much since the day we got married.  He also got me a Clarisonic Mia 2 skin brush - which I have only been using for a week but I am SO ADDICTED to it.  My skin feels much smoother and everything.  He also got me an H&M gift card seeing as that is my favorite store ever.

The salad spinner and Clarisonic!  Pretty pink one too!  What makes this so romantic is that I mentioned one time over a year ago as we walked past a Clarisonic stand in the mall that I would love to have a Clarisonic some day, and will get around to it eventually (aka I would never buy it for myself because I have other more important/pressing things to purchase) and he remembered it after all this time.  I was so surprised.  You should have seen the look on my face.

On top of that, Brandon's mom got me this BEAUTIFUL jade bracelet with matching earrings.  Jade has got to be one of my top three favorites when it comes to jewelry.  It is so beautiful and can come in many different colors.

I also got a surprise gift in the mail from one of my best friends in the universe, DeeDee!  She got me these beautiful earrings!  They are so adorable.

Then, Brandon took me to Snoqualmie Falls for a hike.  It was so beautiful, and the weather was perfect.

I am really immature, but this sign made me laugh on the trail.

This was the bottom of the falls.  Such a lovely view.

Me and my love! <3

We also played in the river next to Snoqualmie Falls.  Brandon climbed on the biggest rock there! Can we talk about how buff he looks?  Just saying...

I took this picture myself... haha.  I was enjoying the river scenery so much, especially the tall trees in the background.

Sadly, Brandon and I got sick over my birthday weekend, but we did end up going to Seattle and picked up some Kobe beef and some delightful lamb for some hot pot.  It soothed our sickness a bit.  

Also, Brandon made me a homemade ice cream cake.  Here is me making a birthday wish...

A closeup of the cake.  It was homemade chocolate cake, with an Oreo crust, vanilla ice cream, homemade frosting on top, with peanut butter mini Oreos crushed on top.  DELISH!

Which brings me to a confession.  I probably got sick because of how much unhealthy food I devoured over the past while.  Seriously, I had a whole bag of cracked pepper Pop Chips all to myself, then even ate some South African seasoned chips too!  Goodness..... I have felt dreadful, so now I am attempting to detox and eat good quality things and get back on track.

My healthy meal today, which was delicious, by the way.  Romaine, Cabbage, and Spinach Salad with apple on top and Bolthouse Ranch and to drink, Guava Kombucha and a glass of cold water. YUMMY!

Well...that's just about it for my blog post.  But WAIT!  Something important I forgot....

What would my blog post be without Nabi the cat looking angry somewhere in it? HA!  Totally a crazy cat lady here.  I love this kitty.  No matter how annoyed he gets with me....

Love you guys!  Hope you enjoyed my little post! xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Long Time No See

Wow, I can't believe I waited two months in between blog posts.  I am ashamed of myself haha.  Buuuut..... here is an update on the exciting life of Ashleigh and Brandon Son.  We have been so busy with school that it's not even funny.  I am happy to say that it is not long before I get my associates degree.  Also, I took a ton of pictures over the past while, so this post is going to be SUPER random.  With a lot of food and cat pictures.   Just saying.  Sorry for how random the order is, but this is honestly just a photo dump post. :-)

We went on a date to Seattle, and saw this guy playing a harmonica, guitar, and double-hula-hooping at the same time.  Quite impressive.....

On that same day, we went to my favorite restaurant in Seattle, Palace Kitchen.  Every time I order the lavender fondue with grilled bread and sliced apple.  YUMMY!!!  Brandon is more adventurous and tries new stuff every time.  

A few weeks ago, Brandon and I had a thing for ice cream.  I mean, we always do, but we went a little crazy and bought tons.  I was eating it for every meal until realizing I might get diabetes and should probably stop.  Kidding but not kidding.

OH!  Also in Seattle, we bought some smoked salmon at Pike's Market Place and blue fin tuna at Uwajimaya.  The smoked salmon ended up being a bit dry, sadly, but the blue fin tuna was absolute perfection when Brandon seared it for me. :-)

I have been SO in love with these chocolates it is not even funny. They are Meiji Apollo strawberry chocolates.  Man, DELICIOUS!

During our ice cream phase, we made homemade chocolate topping, by melting chocolate chips with a bit of coconut oil.  It was DELICIOUS!  

Other than food, we have been spending lots of time with/bothering this little guy, Nabi.  Hehe, I take way too many pictures of him.  Like this one, where he is trying to take a nap and I keep snapping photos of him.

Nabi giving me the evil eye while he hangs out by the mirror. LOL!

Nabi lying down on our bed on his favorite blanket.

Nabi next to Brandon's backpack, looking annoyed that I DARE take a picture of him.

Nabi in a tired mood.

A funny picture of Brandon and Nabi. :-)

A sweet message at Whole Foods in Portland, Oregon.  For the record, Brandon and I love Oregon. 

One of our favorite things to do at Whole Foods is to go to the salad bar, and order some small desserts from the bakery and tall bottles of tea.  This unsweetened Runa guava tea is the absolute best!

Brandon prepared me this lovely snack....we call it grown up Lunchables.  They are Town House Toppers crackers with swiss cheese and turkey with tomato pieces on top.  Sliced peaches and tea are on the side.  So scrumptious! :-)

My attempt to be healthy?  Eating tons of fruit.  Trader Joe's has lovely peaches, nectarines, plums, and lychees.  Summer is my favorite time for fruit.

Brandon surprised me with this extremely healthy blueberry banana smoothie.  Another attempt to be healthy. ;-)

My Enid Blyton Collection is growing!  I have started collecting Famous Fives.  It is ridiculous how difficult it is to find them in hardcover for a decent price. *Sigh* Why can't we just buy these books in any bookstore in America?

A beautiful view of Mt. Rainier from the park by my home.

Another attempt to be more healthy?  Attempting to walk 10,000 steps a day.  So, in the morning when I take the bus to work, I walk up and down the steps in the bus station's parking garage 3 times to help me knock out at least 1/4 of my daily steps.  It is a bit tiring, but the view at the top looks cool. :-)

Haha, that was all of my photos.  Hope you enjoyed them.  I do apologize for how unorganized it all was, but my mind is too fried from school and stuff to make sufficient efforts to make it more flowing.  Ya know what I mean?  Ha.  LOVE YOU ALL!

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Favorite Dress + Birthday!

Hello to everyone!  I have kind of a hybrid post today.  Firstly, I just wanted to show you something cute that Brandon and I picked up while shopping yesterday.  I got a new dress that is so perfect and well-fitting and exactly what I was looking for at H&M.  Right when I saw it I knew I had to have it!

This dress has a pretty rose and dot design.  I paired it with a cameo necklace, 4 mm pearl earrings, my sapphire and diamond ring, some stocking/socks and my favorite pair of Mary-Janes.

A close-up of my cameo necklace.  It has a little pearl and a small diamond as an embellishment.

Also, while I am at it, I wanted to show you guys some ADORABLE new earrings I got from this Etsy shop, I'm Your Present.  Click HERE to see her little shop, it is so quirky and adorable.  I have already bought three pairs of Sweetheart earrings from her.  The package came wrapped nicely and with a couple little bonus gifts - a piece of candy to snack on, some baby ice cream cone earrings, a kitty stamp, and a handwritten thank you note.  Very classy indeed.  By the way, I was not asked by this girl to endorse her store at all, I just really fell in love with it after seeing so many of her pieces on tumblr!  I couldn't resist letting my readers in on this little best-kept secret gem.

Aren't these Sweetheart earrings #1?

And now, for the most important part of my post, Friday was Brandon's birthday.  It also happens to be Memorial Day weekend, which is so nice because we have used this opportunity to celebrate his birthday for the entire long weekend.  

Brandon's mom got this wonderful cake from the Korean bakery.  This is the same cake we ate for our wedding cake.  It is absolutely delicious.  Even the icing is more like a whipped topping which is so yummy and not overly sugary.  

In addition to the cake, we had a nice little intimate family dinner consisting of authentic Mexican tortilla chips (fresh and hot of the grill..... erm.... press?) and delicious bean dip and spicy salsa.  We also ate Sashimi, seared tuna, and LOTS of ice cream.  

We also watched the X-Men prequel, which is REALLY GOOD.  We rarely watch movies so it was really fun to just kick back and relax and watch that together.  Then, yesterday we went shopping at the mall (where I ended up getting that adorable new dress) and also picked up a few new nice things for Brandon to wear from H&M and J.Crew. 

As for gifts, Brandon's big gift this year is a barbecue grill (which we haven't picked up yet ><) But it is a nice Weber good quality one that we chose carefully.  I also got him a bunch of grilling accessories, and utensils, gloves, and a manly apron that says "King of the Grill."  I will have to show you pictures once we have our first barbecue with it all!  I got a couple other gifts, like a BPA free water bottle and his favorite car freshener and a Blender Bottle (Brandon is super into fitness these days).

I feel so much love for Brandon and am so grateful that he is my husband.  He is the kindest, most understanding person and really makes me so happy.  Happy 29th Sweetie!

Me and my sweet love!


~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dream Come True

Our new home!

For those who are not followers on Facebook, I am happy to say that Brandon and I are officially homeowners.  This is literally a dream come true for us and I am soooo happy.  We have lived in this house since we got married and I was in love with it from the start.  The process of buying it took over a year for us, since it was a short sale.  Let's just say that it was draining to say the least having that hanging over our heads for that long (and that is a large reason why I have not blogged as regularly), but finally it is ours.  No more worries!

I am so thankful and grateful that we get to be here.  It is a quiet, safe neighborhood where I know for a fact I would love to raise children.  Maybe I will post some interior pictures of our house once I get more into decorating it!

In other news, this school quarter has not been half bad.  I thought I would have the summer off but that has changed. *crying face* BUT whatever.  Brandon is doing well in his school endeavors.  That guy is amazing, let me tell you.  He got a 4.0 this past quarter!  He is so organized it makes my head spin.  LOL.  I am so proud of him.

Well.... time to go on a walk and enjoy the beautiful May weather.  Miss you guys! xoxox!!!

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

Thursday, April 24, 2014

My First Collaboration

Hey guys!  Just wanted to post an announcement that I have officially written a guest blog post for a cause that I really believe in and support - Asian Male + White Female (AMWF) intercultural relationships.  Check it out HERE!

For my regular followers, there is a short overview of mine and Brandon's love story, which you may have heard before, but I also included my favorite dating and relationship tips.  Enjoy! xoxox

~Sincerely, Ashleigh Son

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Loving this Weekend

Hey guys!  Just wanted to drop in and share a couple of pics with you. Get ready for a really random post!

A yummy strawberry and romaine lettuce salad with shredded carrot and sunflower seeds sprinkled in good.  I have been enjoying the last of Cutie season. Also, Brandon and I have been drinking green smoothies consistently.  Best health decision ever, let me tell you.

Our fruit bowl filled with Cuties.... Gonna miss these when they aren't in stores anymore.

I bought these adorable stuffed bunnies, which are sitting on our bed right now....

A couple gifts Brandon got for me recently....Flowers to celebrate our two-year anniversary and a pink BPA-free water bottle!  YAY!  Don't they look cute next to each other?

I am just loving the relaxation of this weekend.  I recently started another school quarter.  I am taking Japanese II, Pottery, and Accounting III.  Thankfully it doesn't seem anywhere as intense as last quarter.  

Today and yesterday was General Conference.  I enjoyed it immensely.  If you weren't able to catch it you can catch all super-awesome 8 hours of it here.  I just love how those talks make me want to improve myself and better myself.

Lastly, I have to admit I have a tumblr addiction now.  Follow me if you want! Click HERE to see all my cute and adorable ridiculously girly stuff I posted.

Best wishes! xoxox

Sincerely, Ashleigh Son